Cover art by Jean-Marie Caddeo

Crossroads, the debut album of Ugly Pug, is released on Olive Music/Etcetera Records.


The Crossroads album release concert took place in the concert series Ambigu at the Museum ‘t Kromhout, Amsterdam on 07/08/2021, and is now streaming on Music Traveler TV.
Tickets to the stream: 5,00€ via Music Traveler.

Read the essay written by Sara Constant for the liner notes of the Crossroads CD booklet here.

  1. Tero Lanu: Introduction and Dance (2017)
  2. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads I (2019) – Blood/Moon/Water (“The Star“)
  3. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads IICelestial/Feminine
  4. Carlo Diaz: Reuse Music I (2017) – The Artifact Cleared
  5. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads IIIRain/Desire
  6. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads IVPlayful/Comfortably Dark
  7. Timo Kittilä: Odds and Ends (2017)
  8. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads VReally elegant, and ever so slightly dangerous
  9. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads VIDownright Nasty
  10. Carlo Diaz: Reuse Music IIThe Artifact Cleared
  11. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads VIIHumorous/Creepy
  12. Wilma Pistorius: Crossroads VIIIFragile/Cheeky
  13. Eetu Lehtonen: Wormhole (2017)
  14. Paweł Mykietyn: La Strada (1991)

Juho Myllylä | blockflutes, electric guitar, live electronics
Miron Andres | viols, vihuela
Wesley Shen | harpsichord

Recorded: 17, 18 & 20 January 2020 at Studio Ladon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Recording engineer, editing and mastering: Andrea Friggi

& © Olive Music 2021 (KTC 1921)


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