Blockflutes, electric guitar, electronics

As a musician working with several ensembles and on a variety of projects as a recorder player, guitarist, singer and songwriter, I strive for open-mindedness and versatility across all genres and styles.

Starting out with recorder lessons in Helsinki at the the age of 6, the recorder was my first instrument and remains my main instrument. Five years into playing recorder, I got into rock and metal music and picked up the guitar. I kept on playing the recorder seriously, but studied both electric and classical guitar alongside it, dividing my time between both instruments, and playing with various rock bands along the way. Meanwhile, as an aspiring recorder player, I had become heavily fascinated with contemporary and new music as well as live electronics. This passion led me to Amsterdam to study with Jorge Isaac at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where I graduated with a master’s degree in 2020. Next to my recorder studies, I minored in jazz electric guitar with Hans Kunneman.

Although formally classically trained, I’ve always divided my time between in the early/contemporary classical music and the pop/rock scenes: the sheer variety of music styles, genres and aesthetics and the recorder’s ability to adapt to them all is fascinating.

Next to Ugly Pug, I’m fortunate to be able to perform gorgeous renaissance polyphony with The Royal Wind Music, and explore earlier repertoire with Ensemble Gamut! and Contactus both from their respective angles.

As a guitarist and singer, my main focus is currently my own music – melodic and atmospheric crossover prog – with my band Burntfield. However, I am always looking for ways to utilize these skills in my more recorder-oriented projects when appropriate. For instance, the instrument doubling on the title track of the Crossroads album has been a delight.

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